About Us

The Group

BancTrust & Co. is a boutique investment banking group highly specialised in Emerging Markets with a primary focus on high beta credit markets in Latin America.  

The group offers investment banking, securities trading, market research and investment advisory products and services to a select base of corporate and institutional clients, mainly comprised of multinationals, financial institutions, asset managers and public sector entities investing in, or operating within, Emerging Markets.

Originally founded in Latin America in 1995, the group has continually expanded its global presence as well as strengthened its local market intelligence and execution capabilities in order to better serve its clientele.

We Are Local

We believe the group is better positioned to advise global institutional investors that actively invest in high-beta Emerging Market debt due to our local presence in the region. The group currently services its global clientele thru offices located in London, Miami, Caracas, Bogota and Buenos Aires.

Our forte is a combination of several factors which include: niche focus, local market intelligence, on-site research, execution capabilities, long term relationships with key policy makers, and a deep understanding of local idiosyncrasy & political developments.

The markets we focus on are typically volatile due to political uncertainty, abrupt changes in monetary and fiscal policies, as well as reliance on commodities. They are generally opaque and have limited access to information and data, and are imperfect, leading to mispriced markets, which generate arbitrage opportunities.


Carlos Fuenmayor

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 

Ana Rosa Fernández

Managing Director and Head of Finance 

Carlos Hernández

Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets

Maria C. Hernández

Managing Director and Head of Operations 

Ramiro Blazquez

Head of Research & Strategy 

Dean Tyler

Managing Director & Head of Global Markets