Market-making Strategy

  • Liquidity

Our commitment is to make sure our client’s orders are filled in a timely fashion depending on market conditions.

We are able to trade in blocks for our Asset Management clients guaranteeing no front running & confidentiality.

  • Industry-leading Insights

BancTrust & Co. has the experience, insights, and connections to maximize rewards and minimize the risks.

We really know how to take advantage of the opportunities in Venezuela and Latin America.

  • Competitive Pricing & Analytics

Local “eyes and ears” that bring our clients clarity where others are operating in the blind.

Our extensive client network, proprietary book, and rich toolbox that includes quantitative models and fundamentals, ensure we maintain our competitive advantage.

  • Transparency

We execute your orders in the most efficient manner, upholding the highest standards of honesty, clarity, and integrity.

  • Added value across the spectrum of Emerging Markets.